According to the Report Of The Committee On The Future Economy (CFE Report) released on 9 February 2017, the key to greater employability is in acquiring and effectively utilizing skills on the job. JobTech has identified the most sought-after skills by employers in Singapore.

The top 5 domain-specific technical and soft skills were identified and ranked based on the number of unique [1] job postings that employers were seeking during the period from 1 October 2016 to 31 December 2016, 4Q 2016.



No No of Unique Job Postings (‘000) Domain Specific Technical Skills No of Unique Job Postings (‘000) Soft Skills/Traits
1 >100 Microsoft Office >100 Communication/Interpersonal
2 25-50 Network Domain Directory 25-50 Analytical/Problem Solving
3 25-50 Procurement/Supply Chain Management 25-50 Customer-Oriented
4 10-25 Troubleshooting/Technical Support 25-50 Self-motivated/Proactive
5 10-25 SAP (Systems, Applications & products) 10-25 Meticulous/Attention to Details


The skills data, as shown above, indicate that technical skills such as Microsoft Office and Network Domain Directory; soft skills/ traits such as Communication/ Interpersonal and Self-motivated/ Proactive skills/ traits are widely demanded and seen by employers as ‘hygiene factors’ for employment.

The CFE Report also mentioned that “information gaps can result in missed matches between employers and employees.” In this regard, JobTech strives to address the issue of “missed match” by providing jobseekers with an aggregated and accurate view of the available jobs in the market with its Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. JobTech tracks and analyses more than 90% of the jobs in Singapore.


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[1] Duplicate job posts are detected and sifted out by JobTech’s proprietary natural language and text analytics technology which analyses the text in online job postings across multiple portals with over 95% accuracy.