Singapore Budget 2017: To Help Singapore Companies Go Digital, JobTech Reveals Top Skills That Singapore ICT Employers Are Seeking

JobTech has identified the most sought-after skills by employers in the ICT sector in Singapore. The top 5 technical and soft skills/ traits in the ICT sector were identified and ranked based on the number of unique[1] job postings that employers were seeking during the period from 1st Oct 2016 – 31st Dec 2016, 4Q 2016.


No Technical Skills % Share Of All Unique Job Postings In ICT Sector Soft Skills/Traits % Share Of All Unique Job Postings In ICT Sector
1 Project Management >10% Communciation/Interpersonal >95%
2 C++ >10% Analytical/Problem Solving >40%
3 C >10% Self motivated/Proactive >20%
4 SQL >5% Leadership >20%
5 Java >5% Customer Service >15%

The ICT sector skills data, as shown above, shows high demand for a common set of soft skills/ traits within the ICT sector, with Communication/ Interpersonal skills being sought-after by more than 95% of all unique job postings in the sector, followed by Analytical/ Problem Solving skills, which make up nearly half of the skills demand. Given that Communications/ Interpersonal skills are required by almost all job postings in the ICT sector, they are probably viewed as a “hygiene factor” for employment.

On the other hand, there is greater variability in the demand for technical skills within the sector. JobTech has identified at least 20 different types of programming languages that are widely demanded in the ICT sector today, including the four that made it to the top 5 technical skills list above. Employers in the ICT sector often require jobseekers to be experienced users of at least one programming language.


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[1] Duplicate job posts are detected and sifted out by JobTech’s proprietary natural language and text analytics technology which analyses the text in online job postings across multiple portals with over 95% accuracy.

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