Net increase of more than 3,900 unique online jobs in 1Q 2017 across 9 key job sectors important to the Singapore economy. This represents a 28% increase in online jobs when 1Q 2017 is compared with 4Q 2016.

Job sectors tracked in the jobs scan included: 1) Information and Communications Technology (ICT); 2) Banking & Finance; 3) Electronics & Semiconductor; 4) Biotech & Pharmaceuticals; 5) Government; 6) Energy & Chemicals; 7) Marine & Offshore; 8) Healthcare; and 9) Logistics. JobTech’s technology is able to remove duplicate online jobs in its jobs scan, identifying the unique jobs and tracking the aging of those jobs over time.

While there is a possible seasonal effect due to hiring patterns in the beginning of the calendar year over the end of the calendar year; generally a positive trend is observed in the number of online jobs from January to March 2017 across the 9 sectors scanned.

JobTech’s jobs scan detected at least 40% increase in quarter-over-quarter job growth in Energy & Chemicals, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, and Marine & Offshore sectors when 1Q 2017 is compared with 4Q 2016. This compares favorably with previously announced online job growth in Electronics & Semiconductor (30%), ICT (27%) and Banking and Finance (40%). Of the 9 sectors, Energy & Chemicals had the largest relative percentage increase in the number of unique online jobs; while Government jobs was one sector with a relative decrease in online jobs when compared quarter over quarter.

In terms of emerging skills, JobTech’s online jobs scan tracked and noted the top 10 fastest growing domain knowledge areas and technical skills for 1Q 2017, where the number of unique online jobs seeking these skills more than doubled between 4Q 2016 and 1Q 2017. The top 10 fastest growing domain knowledge areas sought by employers included: knowledge of Effective Supportability, System Engineering, Ubuntu, Biologics, Digital Circuits and more. For the top 10 fastest growing technical skills sought-after by employers, the list included: Ruby On Rails, Hadoop, Apache Hive, Server Administration, SASS, Apache Struts and more.

Ubuntu is an operating system used for developing Internet of Thing (IoT) applications and devices; Apache Hive and Hadoop are data warehouse languages often used by data scientists in storing, extracting, processing, and manipulating data.

These growing skills are evidence of 2 fast-growing sectors which are dominant contributors to the overall jobs pool in Singapore, namely ICT and Electronics & Semiconductor, where many of the engineering and IT jobs were created in 1Q 2017.

In addition, the JobTech jobs scan identified the most sought-after skills by employers in Singapore in sectors covered by the jobs scan. At least one out of every 5 online jobs (more than 20% of all online jobs) is seeking candidates with one or more of the skills/domains captured in the table below:


Rank Technical Skills Rank Soft Skills/Traits Rank Domain Knowledge
1 Microsoft Office 1 Communciation 1 IT Protocols
2 Sales 2 Interpersonal 2 Engineering
3 Liaison 3 Independent 3 Science And Technology
4 Technical Design 4 Team Player 4 IT And Business
5 Maintenance Management 5 Meticulous 5 Software

“Hard to fill jobs” which are jobs that have remained open for more than 90 days, identified in the 1Q 2017 jobs scan included: Quality Assurance; IT Administrators for Databases, Systems and Networks; and Electronics Engineers.

Based on JobTechTM’s online jobs scan growing predictive ability, job functions such as electronic engineering; sales for IT products; IT service (network and system administrators); biotechnology; and quality assurance are predicted to be in higher demand over the next quarter (2Q 2017).

The number of engineering jobs has been on a steady rise over the past 7 months and is expected to continue its current trend as electronics and precision engineering jobs are becoming more greatly demanded by employers. The ICT sector is also seeing an uplift in the number of online jobs over the past 7 months, the growth is mainly supported by the sector’s demand for software developers.

JobTech will continue to provide flash reports covering different sectors in Singapore, with a focus on highly sought-after skills and labor market trends. In this regard, JobTech is using its Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to provide visibility and analysis of the online jobs market in Singapore to support companies and decision makers there.


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