Banking & Finance is the top contributing sector, followed by Information and Communications Technology (ICT), to the online jobs growth in 2Q 2017. These 2 sectors collectively contributed to more than 50% of total online jobs growth recorded across 9 key labor sectors in Singapore.

The top 5 most sought-after technology job roles in the Banking & Finance sector collectively account for more than 50% of all technology jobs posted by the sector. Similarly, the top 5 most sought-after technology job roles in the ICT sector collectively account for more than 45% of all technology jobs posted by the sector. The analysis also identified the fastest growing technical skills across the sectors scanned by JobTech.

Banking & Finance Sector

Rank Top 5 Most Popular Technology Job Roles % of Technology Job Roles In Banking & Finance Technical Skills Sought by Employers
1 Data Scientist/Analyst 20% Data Analytics
Database management
2 Cross-platform Developer 12% Programming
3 Data Controller 7% Data Analytics
Database Management
4 IT Infrastructure Specialist 7% Troubleshooting
Project Management
Cloud Infrastructure Management
5 IT Business Analyst 6% Programming
System Implementation
Risk Management

ICT Sector

Rank Top 5 Most Popular Technology Job Roles % of Technology Job Roles In Banking & Finance Technical Skills Sought by Employers
1 Software Engineer 17% Programming
2 System Engineer 10% Troubleshooting
Maintenance Management
Configuration Management
3 IT Support 9% Troubleshooting
Hardware Installation
Configuration Management
4 Cross-platform Developer 7% Programming
5 Network Infrastructure Engineer 5% Local & Wide Area Network Configuration
Firewall Setup
Maintenance Management

Top 5 Fastest Growing Technical Skills Across 9 Sectors

Rank Top 5 Fastest Growing Technical Skills % of Growth In Demand Over prior 3 Quarters Technical Tasks Performed
1 Objective-C 130% General-purpose, object-oriented programming language used mainly for iOS development work.
2 SASS 120% Stylesheet language that supports integration
and front-end development work.
3 PLC Programming 96% Programming of highly reliable control systems in assembly lines or robotic devices.
4 SWIFT 89% General-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled
programming language used for development work in various Mac OS and Linux environment.
5 API Creation 64% Application Programming Interface (API) allows end users to access specific sets of information from a service provider.

In terms of the employment type, more than 90% of the technology jobs posted by both Banking & Finance and ICT sectors were seeking for full-time hires, while only about 8-10% of online jobs were offering contract and temporary positions.

JobTech’s job monitoring technology also registered a net increase of more than 1,000 unique online jobs in 2Q 2017 across the 9 key labor sectors. This represents a sequential 6% increase in online jobs when 2Q 2017 is compared with 1Q 2017.

The 9 key labor sectors tracked in the jobs scan included: 1) Information and Communications Technology (ICT); 2) Banking & Finance; 3) Electronics & Semiconductor; 4) Biotech & Pharmaceuticals; 5) Government; 6) Energy & Chemicals; 7) Marine & Offshore; 8) Healthcare; and 9) Logistics. JobTech’s technology is able to remove duplicate online jobs in its jobs scan, identifying the unique jobs and tracking the aging of those jobs over time.

“JobTech is one of the most promising startups today using AI and Big Data solutions to solve real world HR challenges. Their proprietary TalenTech enterprise platform helps HR professionals quickly and scalably upload, analyse and match candidate resumes to open jobs. The broader application of their technology at the national level provides detailed labour market intelligence in areas like industry trends, hot jobs / skills and development / redeployment opportunities. I think JobTech is an excellent addition to the set of HR tech tools available to the HR community in Singapore today,” said Syed Ali Abbas, Executive Council Member (Singapore Human Resources Institute), Group HR Director (Global Fashion Group).

Generally, an upward trend was observed in the number of online jobs from April to June 2017 across the 9 sectors scanned. In sum, JobTech’s jobs scan detected at least 10% increase in quarter-over-quarter job growth in Logistics, Banking & Finance, and Government sectors in 2Q 2017. Of the 9 sectors, Logistics had the largest quarterly sequential percentage increase while Biotech & Pharmaceuticals and Marine & Offshore suffered relative decreases in online jobs when compared quarter-over-quarter.

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