JobTech 3Q 2017 Online Jobs Census across 30 Singapore industry sectors shows a sequential quarterly growth of 17.1% in HR jobs as compared to JobTech’s 2Q 2017 data. The overall number of HR jobs in 3Q 2017 stands at just over 1,200.

The growth in hiring appetite for 3 consecutive quarters since 1Q 2017 reveals a general upturn in the HR sector, with the previous quarter seeing a sequential growth of 16.3%.

Furthermore, JobTech has identified the most sought-after skills by employers hiring for HR roles in Singapore in 3Q 2017.

In general, across the entire HR sector, over 50% of jobs require candidates with proficiency in Talent Recruitment and over 30% of jobs require proficiency in Payroll. Additionally, nearly 20% of jobs require proficiency in Liaison (includes conflict resolution and stakeholder engagement).

Additionally, a pattern of steady growth was observed amongst HR jobs requiring digital and data-related skills, with an average sequential quarterly growth of 18.6% observed across 3 quarters since 1Q 2017. This is faster than the sequential quarterly growth rate for the entire HR sector in Singapore.

Amongst digital and data-related skills, the top 3 most sought-after skills in the HR sector are StatisticsData Analytics and Forecasting. Additionally, the top 3 fastest growing digital and data-related skills in the HR sector between 1Q 2017 and 3Q 2017 are Tableauand Business Analytics. This suggests an increasing demand for digital and technology roles to analyse data in the HR sector.

According to Managing Director (APAC & Emerging Markets) for Alexander Mann Solutions, Mr. Caleb Baker, “JobTech’s online jobs census provides HR professionals with a pulse on the talent market using a data-driven approach. Data Analytics is an increasingly important skillset within the HR function, and this enables HR to play a more strategic role at the boardroom level, and in driving business objectives. This is evident in the 3Q report which shows a growing demand for digital and data-related skills in the HR sector.”

JobTech will continue to provide flash reports covering different sectors in Singapore, with a focus on highly sought-after skills and labour market trends. In this regard, JobTech is using its Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to provide visibility and analysis of the online jobs market in Singapore to support companies and decision makers there.

This is the 1st flash report generated specifically for the HR sector.

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