It’s all about the PACKAGING!

There are things about every one of us that makes us uniquely “us”. While we can always be that kitten that sees a lion as its reflection in the mirror and “feel good” about ourselves, it doesn’t change the fact that people don’t always recognize that ‘goodness’ in us so immediately, especially if we don’t know how to “package” it!

I am no marketing guru, neither am I a life-coaching expert. I’m a data analyst who holds an Economics degree and works in a technology startup. I never knew much about how to package things, least so when it comes to packaging myself. No, I don’t mean wrapping myself up in fancy clothing, though that can be really important too. What I mean is how to package your reality with just the right touch of fantasy to ensure you secure that offer letter. No kidding, that may sound pretty intricate, but since we’re here, I have a few simple steps that may just do the trick.


  1. Your chance of gaming the robots – Pick the right “gifts” to offer!

You may have heard this before and yes, it is true. More and more companies are deploying robots (as known as Application Tracking Systems – ATS) as gatekeepers for their human resource department. In other words, applicant’s CVs will have to first survive the “scrutiny” of these robots before making their way to the hiring managers.

In order to bring the right “gifts” to these robots, you must first know your game well. The best “gifts” you have to offer are your skills and talents that are relevant to the job. The job you are applying to will likely come with a job description that contains a list of requirements in it; if you have what it takes to fulfil some of the listed requirements, then do not shortchange yourself by hiding your gifted talents from the robots and the hiring managers. Be bold and state them down clearly in your CV.


  1. Your chance of getting interviews – Box your “gifts” well, they can be fabulous!

Some of us may believe that getting an interview is like a numbers game – the more jobs you apply for, the higher your chances of getting called up for an interview. Truth is, there are much better ways to go about doing that.

Customise your CV with laser-focus till it becomes tailor-made for the job that you are APPLYING TO. After you have selected the relevant skills from Step 1, it’s time to focus on them by wrapping them up with relevant work experiences. This is important because while you can meticulously list down all your past employment history, that may not help the hiring manager understand how you are suitable for the job. When listing the tasks you have performed in previous employment, focus on those that are more relevant to the new job you are trying to apply to. If the hiring manager likes your CV, the details of your employment history can be shared as examples of your past achievements during the interview process.


  1. Your chance of securing the job – Wrap it up nicely, impress!

Once you make it to the interview round, it will be down to just a select few who have cleared the minimum requirements. Now it’s the time for you to be amazing and impress!

As a rule of thumb, always give reasons in addition to just answers. This may sound like I’m asking you to be defensive, but what I mean is for you to always elaborate on top of just a yes or no answer. Remember, the interview process is for the hiring manager to know more about your softer attributes, such as how responsible you are, whether you are tactful when handling tricky situations, or even how much initiative you have in continuing a conversation and keeping it engaging. So when you are asked a yes or no question, don’t just stop there, share briefly about why you said yes or no. If the hiring manager is really interested in your sharing, they will continue asking you about it, and that’s also how you can tell if you have successfully piqued the hiring manager’s interest.

To sum it all up, if your CV doesn’t get you a job, it becomes a VC (Very Costly) record of your employment history. I’ve found many great FREE tools out there that can help improve CV content and really help you stand out. Here’s one that analyses your skills, suggests new ones and shows you a list of best-matched jobs: CV+. Try it out, it’ll be fun!

Till next time…

Rong Hui

Ji Ronghui
Data Analyst at JobTech

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