We want to help you understand why having intimate knowledge of your internal workforce, intelligent knowledge of your competition and the public talent pool, is critical in your strategic decision on your most critical asset – your human capital, your employees, your people.

Talent Marketplace.

Leverage your internal talent pool! Empower your employees to self-serve and take charge of their own career development by providing them with a spectrum of learning and career opportunities like full-time positions, part-time gigs, mentorships, courses; hyper-personalised to their unique profiles.

Workforce Planning.

Understand your competition and external talent supply! Refine your recruitment strategies by using labour data and AI to understand and explain to your internal stakeholders their skills requirements, benchmarked against leading markets and if the skills needed is scarce or abundant.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching.

Beyond the social-emotional touch, digitise your career advisory workflow and empower your career advisors with data- and market-driven skill gaps analysis, to support discussions on career and learning opportunities, and navigate the continually changing career landscape.

Career Development.

Attract your talents early – while they are still in school or getting trained up for career transition! Significantly increase your talent pool working with education institutions and adult training providers to develop your sustainable workforce.

Labour Insights.

Peek into the future to predict the skills-based evolution of your industry! Analyse the labour market holistically to understand labour demand and supply, and plan your workforce strategy.

Develop your self-learning and agile workforce.