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We make HR's data collection strategy as simple as possible. Don't make your employees fill in unnecessary forms because we can consolidate your organisational skills stock from -

  1. Your employees' CVs,
  2. Your current applicant tracking systems,
  3. Your performance management systems, or
  4. Even, directly through their LinkedIn profile.

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One AI recruiter who serves all your needs

We use the latest technology to help HR achieve the best return-of-investment in your recruitment efforts by bringing together campus recruitment, professional and executive search into one platform.

It's easy to find a match, but hard to identify a potential

We help HR deploy internal mobility framework beyond just a listing of available jobs. HR can review the potentials of an employee for future roles and plan reskilling strategies.


Collaborative learning

We break down silos and tribalism in your company and work closely with you
to encourage cross-functional and cross-generational collaborations and mentorships.


Your personalised AI career coach

Fancy having a personal career coach who knows your career goals, understands the entire labour market, recommends how you can achieve your goals, constantly reminding you how you can future-proof yourself based on market changes, and at your beck and call 24/7? Look no further.


Labour insights

To date, we have analysed more than 1 billion jobs across 144 countries. We know how skills are related, how skills have evolved over time, jobs that have been transformed so that we can help companies strategically plan their human capital investments.


JobTech is turning heads and making headlines

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国大手机应用 助31万校友 做职业规划

去年9月推出的NUS career+免费手机应用,原本只开放给大学本科生使用。国大昨天发文告指出,校友如今也可使用手机应用做职业规划。

NUS Opens Career App To 312,000 Alumni - Helps Them Find Jobs, Take Courses

More than 312,000 National University of Singapore (NUS) alumni will have access to NUS career+, a mobile application that leverages on big data and artificial intelligence to help individuals advance their careers. Jointly developed by NUS and tech startup JobTech, NUS career+ aims to guide users in three areas of career advancement: goal-setting, job recommendations, and suggestions for relevant courses to close skill gaps.

PMET digital job openings nearly double in 2018 as financials intensify tech hiring

There are 6,700 available positions in 2018 compared to 4,520 in 2017. The number of PMET jobs for software, web and media developer positions nearly doubled to 6,700 in 2018 from 4,520 in the previous year although data suggests that jobs are getting increasingly harder to fill as demand for digital talent spreads beyond the IT sector, according to a report from HRtech startup JobTech.

Singapore banks amp up technical hiring to plug digital vacancies

Banks are focusing their digitalisation efforts in the Lion City. Banks in Singapore are seeking out more technology professionals as it faces off against Hong Kong to be Asia's most important financial hub, with 20% of job postings calling for digitally-driven employees, according to JobTech Online's Jobs Census.

Singapore lenders beat Hong Kong peers with higher proportion of tech job postings: poll

SINGAPORE banks are hiring a larger proportion of technology specialists than their Hong Kong counterparts in 2018. Some 20 per cent of Singapore bank job postings are technology-related, compared to 5 per cent for Hong Kong lenders, according to a census by labour market intelligence startup JobTech.

JobTech online jobs scan examines the skills required by the hottest roles in each sector

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has identified the jobs most demanded by companies in 11 major industries. To provide a glimpse into the specific requirements of these roles, JobTech has extracted the most common skills among these roles from actual job posts in these sectors as well as the number of relevant courses.

MyCareersFuture collaborates with JobTech for advanced AI technologies

MyCareersFuture has also collaborated with local tech start-ups like JobTech to identify more advanced skills-matching technology for individuals. The collaboration has also allowed the analysis of job mismatches and missed matches in key growth sectors such as banking and finance, and infocommunications and technology, said WSG.

App to help NUS students work towards dream jobs

Jointly developed by the NUS Department of Computer Science and JobTech, a local start-up that provides job matching services using artificial intelligence, the app informs students about possible jobs for the degrees they are pursuing.
After a student has indicated his preferred career domain, the app extracts and analyses the student's academic record, before generating a personalised skills profile.

Riding the smart nation wave

JobTech platform uses AI to build a "dynamic skills map" from more than 150 million online job listings, that automatically clusters skills to show where and how well they connect, and the combination of skills necessary for a job.

JobTech launches Asia’s first AI recruitment engine to revolutionise talent acquisition

JobTech Pte Ltd (JobTech), Asia’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics Company, today announced the launch of its JobTech Employer platform, at a joint event with AI Singapore, held at the National University of Singapore. AI Singapore is a national program, set up to enhance Singapore’s AI capabilities to power Singapore’s future digital economy.

JobTech throws down challenge to Google for Jobs

Asia's leading Artificial Intelligence and big data start-up JobTech challenges Google to a head-to-head race to see who can match job seekers with their dream jobs more accurately -- and Google VP Vint Cerf has responded they will consider the challenge.

Leading artificial intelligence and big data analytics experts Dewey Houck and Michael Recce join JobTech's Global Advisory Board

Singapore's leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, is pleased to announce the addition of Dewey Houck and Michael Recce to the company's global advisory board. Houck and Recce bring years of global leadership in the fields of AI and Big Data to JobTech's intelligent job search and skills platform.

Local start-up offers help to Facebook

A local start-up has made an open offer to Facebook to help sift and label fake news on the social network.
The two-month-old start-up JobTech - which provides an artificial intelligence (AI)-based job search service - posted the open letter to Facebook on Monday.
The start-up is offering to "jointly counteract misinformation", noting that its technology is able to sift out fakes. It has already successfully applied its technology to help job seekers filter out duplicate and bogus posts.


Our background in deep technology & HR products

Global Data Sets

JobTech collects, integrates and analyses labour market data ranging from more than 1 billion online job postings, 400 thousand companies and 300 thousand individual profiles.

Proprietary Algorithms

JobTech creates algorithms to clean and integrate complex data sets, extract skills from job postings, CVs and curriculum, spot emerging trends in the labour market, predict skills importance, and calculate match scores and industry readiness.

Intuitive Products

JobTech builds labour products to solve specific business problems. We shape people for careers and connect people to jobs. With enterprises, we automate talent sourcing and attract passive talents.

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